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From candy to madras

"Twenty and more years ago the building that is now the Shalimar was our local sweet shop. My children loved to visit it on Saturday mornings to spend some pocket money. Now they are more likely to visit on Saturday nights to spend a pleasant evening with their friends! Since the Shalimar opened in 1989 we've all enjoyed the warmth of Raj and Sara's hospitality and their wonderful curries. Although a rival curry house opened nearby I have never crossed that threshold. The food and happy atmosphere at the Shalimar easily earned my loyalty. The Shalimar is an important part of our community and we all wish Raj and Sara continued success for years to come."

Susan McIntosh, 2007

Just over 18 years ago, while strolling down to the local shops, a young gentleman almost rugby-tackled me to a stop. He excitedly informed me that he was soon to open the Shalimar and invited me to attend the opening evening. This I did and very good the food was. It still is, all those years on. Thank you Raj and Sara for your excellent food, service and friendship over the years.

Jim McIntosh, 2007

"The main reason for nominating The Shalimar is the fact that the hospitality is so excellent. Raja and his wife Sara are so welcoming - it's just like going to their house for dinner. On top of that the food is great. I've been going there for 20 years, basically since it first opened, and I always recommend The Shalimar to friends."

Paul Kenney, Worcester Park, Surrey.